LullaBeat Comfort Speaker

With over 3.5 million sold on music CD.  NstaJam is proud to offer The LullaBeat wireless speaker preloaded with the world-famous research-backed “Heartbeat Lullabies” 


"Heartbeat Lullabies" are recordings of traditional nursery songs orchestrated and sung to the rhythm of an actual human heartbeat. The therapeutic music has been proven to quickly comfort infants, children, adults, cats and dogs                                               

This wireless speaker is pre-loaded with 9 or 18 Heartbeat Lullabies and ready to play right out of the package, just turn the power on and the music starts playing (adjust volume to your listening preference).                                                       

Hundreds of hospitals, animal rescues and clinics are playing the Heartbeat Lullabies to keep their anxious patients calm.

Also, known and proven to work on adults who suffer with PTSD and Dementia. 

Because we believe that Heartbeat Lullabies will solve your problem, no matter if it is to help calm your pets’ behavioral issues or establish a bedtime routine for your child or newborn infant, we are offering a no risk guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied within 90 days simply, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.