Not only are we looking to build a superior line of audio equipment at an affordable price, we are looking to help saves lives through our own fundraising.

As part of our own fundraising efforts, we intend to donate a percentage of all gross sales to "Beat Bob", a nonprofit dedicated to fighting bullying and teen suicide. Bob delivers inspirational and motivating messages that change other's lives through his speeches and events. Your contributions will help us to launch this business so that we can start doing good on a much larger stage!

Our products also help support the Life Matters campaign of Bob Holmes, who is featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not as a world record holder for playing more athletic games than any other athlete in any game. Bob has played over 20,000 volleyball games in his lifetime, and his beating the odds messages are seen and heard by over 6 million people. 

By buying NstaJam will you get a premium audio device AND you'll help save lives.